About Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

This is a gentle but/and powerful holistic treatment, originating in Osteopathy and now a unique modality in its own right. In this therapy it is held that health is always present in the human system and is expressed as a palpable rhythmic motion in the body known as primary respiration. This respiration has a series of cycles; from short and disorganised to longer and very steady.
The way these rhythms express themselves in ┬áthe body can be seen as an indication of what the person’s body system is managing in order to stay functioning well enough in the world. This ‘primary respiration’, as an expression of health, can become occupied through life experience and conditions, putting strain on the ability to remain in healthy balance. Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy assumes the presence of heath at all stages of life. In the therapeutic environment, the inherent intelligence in a person’s system releases tensions it does not need to hold any further, enabling more energy to be available for the things we want and enjoy. This in itself brings choice, greater access to joy and a sense of liberation from suffering.

The process is often profound in its simplicity and deep in its effect for a wide variety of conditions.

What does a treatment look like?

Treatment involves the client lying on the couch, fully clothed. By negotiation, the therapist applies a gentle, non-invasive touch to the body, often, but not exclusively at the head and sacrum. The treatment is usually accompanied by a deep sense of relaxation for the patient. Sessions are sixty minutes long and include a short verbal consultation at the beginning and at completion. The first session can be 75 minutes in duration as a case history is taken. A series of 3-8 sessions, by agreement, may serve to make the most of the therapeutic environment created.