Healing and Integrating Birth Experience

Healing and Integrating Birth Experience

With life-affirming thoughts nourished by the breath, we create conditions that enable the releasing of life – diminishing scripts, ideas and beliefs. How we arrive into life can be a template for how we experience relationships and what it’s like to be in a body. Supporting choice in decisions about what we think relationships are and life itself is, is an essential task. When we consider we had an experience at the start of life and create support for ourselves with that awareness, we can open to a powerful creativity.

 Breathwork, in a safe physical, psychological and spiritual setting, can be a helpful method for approaching aspects of our experience learned pre-verbally. Conditions are created in the session that help us integrate choices we may have made from survival motivation as well as introduce new possibilities. An hour-long counselling session allows a refinement of the intention for the breathe. The breath session of approximately 45 mins, lying on a couch, with time to speak afterwards gives the session a whole and physical completeness.
This is time for you to deeply support yourself. We work to orient to and nourish life-affirming experience, action and results.

Who is it for?
If you are preparing for pregnancy, birth, handling parenthood at all ages, curious to support your own powerful creative life at any stage, then this work is for you. People from all walks of life benefit and it serves as an effective way to work with traumatic experiences at any time of life.

We work with babies, children and their parents together to help make sense of and heal early experience and imprints. For work with parents and children together I work using Prenatal and Birth Therapy (Castellino) coupled with Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (Sills/Ukleja).

Orienting to life-affirming thoughts, whilst making space for what we would like to release, creates a powerful crucible for healing.

Breathwork Cost: £180.00 per 2 hr session. (VAT Receipts provided).

Background to breathwork.
The form of breathwork I practice is SOURCE Process and Breathwork created and developed by Binnie A Dansby.  I am a graduate of The SOURCE Process and Breathwork Training (2003-2006) along with several other trainings in birth-oriented psychology and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. This work forms the basis of my work in this area. I have worked with Binnie A. Dansby co-leading a training in Pre and Perinatal Psychology in London 2019-2021. Binnie’s website has some great material on it: see https://www.binnieadansby.com/ for help and inspiration.